• "Allyson got my very anxious, fidgety, cranky cat to pose for some precious photos."
  • "My kitty is such a kitten at heart and while I was sitting there embarrassed about my cat basically destroying Allyson's photo backdrop, Allyson took the most perfect photos of my cat ever. If you have an animal, this is the photographer you need to take pictures for you "
  • "Allyson took some gorgeous photos of our animals: two pomeranians, and two Siamese cats. I could not be happier with the results! She captured their personalities perfectly, and delivered prints to us super fast."

Portraiture is a time capsule.

Ever since photography’s infancy, we have used it to memorialize our bonds with animals. The best of these photographs leave imprints of personality that have long outlasted both their subjects and whoever commissioned the images, and I appreciate that my work connects me with this legacy. When you invest in a portrait, I don’t hand you snapshots that get lost in your feed. I make a moment that is exactly your pet, and a little bit larger than life.